Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Name, At Long Last

I've been mulling setting up a blog for a while now. What was the holdup you may ask? The name. My boyfriend Bryan who, bless his heart, enjoys my writing, has been nudging me on this for a while now. Just write, he would say, doesn't matter what you call it. Well, with me it's not that simple...I just could not decide what to say without a banner under which to write. So I've been thinking of what to call this place...I deliberated over "The Random Vegan"...and anyone who knows me knows this is an appropriate characterization. I'm my father's daughter when it comes to mental processes and interests...non sequiturs abound and at any given phase of my life I could be on a tear through the NYC theater scene, setting up to cook for 80 people, figuring out if I want to take a drawing classes, banjo lessons or stick with the get the drift. So. The name (see I can circle back when it's pertinent). But I decided, nah, The Random Vegan isn't going to work for me, next! So I got to thinking of puns, since I'm a big fan of wordplay. I considered "Veggieful", Googled it and discovered "It's a Veggieful Life"...clever! I thought of "Viva Las Vegans", and no, I didn't *really* think that I would be the first to come up with that, but when I Googled it I discovered to my delight that this was the name of a business formerly run by the fine folks who own and operate Lula's Sweet Apothecary. On to the next idea..."Vegantastic"...taken, no surprise there.

Then tonight I was reminded of a 6th grade project that was really fun. We were assiged to come up with a list of cliches -- you know, those sayings that everyone bandies about excessively, and with my dad's help, I came up with more than anyone in my class! Ah, how the Internet has changed our lives since 1984...I Googled a search string and found, and in I went. I tried replacing "vegan" with a word in the cliche..."About face" became "About vegan"...nah..."Above board became "Above vegan"...pass..."All hands on vegan"...nope...oh, how about this "All that vegan"...then I Googled it and discovered a blog called "All That Vegan Jazz"...nice!

Then I thought I'd skip to another letter...which letter...hmmm...I like "M", I thought...yeah, I discriminate against letters. Anyway...scrolling down the list I noticed "Mug slinging"...decided "Veg Slinger" was better than "Veg Slinging"...and it reminded me of how vegans and animal rights activists can be so misunderstood...
did a quick search, and done! I now have a blog and something to say.

Stay tuned for more. :)


  1. Awesome -- I can't wait to read more!!!!! Way to go!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I, too, procrastinated on starting a blog for months because I couldn't come up with a name. Five years later, I don't even like the one I chose. :-P

  3. yes. yesyesyes. i am so happy you exist, veg slinger. xox

  4. Congrats on starting your blog. I am glad to follow your journey.